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To the following people who felt my site worthy of an award. Never in my wildest dream did I expect my efforts to merit an award. Your vist to the following sites will be rewarding.

I received this award 2-15-99 from a gracious LADY with a big heart. This you will see when you visit her beautiful site.

~Thank You Rain~

I received this award 2-28-99 from a gentleman dedicated to helping those on WebTv. Your visit to his site won't be forgotten.

~Thank You Bruce~

Homepage Select Site Award
For Excellence in Web Site Design And Quality

I received this award 5-13-99 from yet another gentleman dedicated to WebTv. You will enjoy your visit.

~Thank You Auther7~

I received this award 9-2-99 from a true Lady who loves Family, Friends and WebTv. Be sure to visit.

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I received this award 9-28-99 from a gentleman with great love for his family and a "Super" site for Real Audio. Please stop by.

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I received this award 11-6-99 from One Super Lady who offers great help to the WebTv user. You will enjoy your visit.

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I received this award 11-16-99 from a
"Gentleman" devoted to helping others.
As your visit here will prove.

~Thank You Bruce~

I received this award 2-5-2002 from a Great Friend who is a True "Dale Earnhardt" fan. His Tribute to Dale E. is a Must See.
~Thank You Ron~

For these awards I am most "Greatful".