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This site shows both HEX codes and R: G: B: codes for over 500 colors.

500 Plus Colors and Codes

To lighten or darken a color do the following: Use RGB and keep the selections in the same proportion. So if R:100, G:100, B:50 is chosen initially, which is a brass color, to darken, lower the values as with R:50, G:50, B:20
and to lighten increase them as with R:200, G:200, B:100.
Note: When changing values it is recommended to use only even numbers as it agrees with the math for bit designations of color.

Color Charts

The following sites should make your choice of Background and Text colors easier.

Color Chips

140 Netscape Colors & codes

HYPE'S Color Specifier

A Cool Look At Colors & Codes

Easy To Use Color Chart

The Professor's Color Cube

Boggie Jack's Color Machine

The Color Clasher

Background & Text Tester

Background & Text Tester #2