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Welcome To Ron's Place

I hope my pages help you in some small way to enjoy WebTv as much as I do. My goal is to make your experience with WebTV truly enjoyable.

Just 4 Newbee's

These 2 pages cover, The Status Bar, How to Reload a page, Using the Keyboaed, Recents Button, How to Cut-Copy-Paste. Plus 10 sites on the Sidebar.

The "Help Shack"

These 3 pages have codes for, Putting banners in Guest Book, Have 3 gifs in a row, Making lines, WebTv Buttons, Instant Messager, Reload Button, Recents Button, Text Box, F-Key saver, 3 Buttons in a table, Have a List down the center of a page (Poem etc.), Center a story or letter & a Drop Down Menu. Each code has an "Example". Also listening to the Radio and Printing with WebTv. Plus 10 sites on the Sidebar.


This page gives you immediate access to 18 different sites dedicated to learning "HTML".

~Graphics And Midis~

This page has 21 Graphics sites, 9 Graphic sources, 12 Mid and Real Audio sites. Plus Alphabets, No's, Text, Color Chart and Background Tester.

The Early West

This page offers insight into the lives of the Native Ameican Indian. Also there great talent in Arts and Crafts. The second page deals with the settlement of There Land by our forefathers.


This is a hobby I truly enjoy. This page offers 9 sites dedicated to furnishing the Woodworker with Plans, Tools, Tips, Hardware, Wood etc. etc.

~God Bless America~

Looking at the troubling times we are in today I believe we as a nation must ask "Please" God Bless America Again. Your visting will be remembered.

~A True Friend~

With out this Ladys help I would never have started this Home page. Her site is loaded with help for the newbee and advanced alike. I'm sure you will visit here often.



I have never applied for an award, yet thanks to some very kind people I have received some. Your visit would be appreciated.

Ron's Awards

This site built 100% with a Classic.

~I hope this page has been helpful~

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