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I'm sure glad you stopped by and hope you will visit for awhile. I hope my home page helps you in some small way to enjoy WebTv as much as I do. Any thing I offer here I learned at the school of hard knock's. My goal is to make your experience with WebTV truly enjoyable.

~The Little Things~

Getting The Most From WebTv

The following site will give you great insight as to what your WebTv can truly do. Using this information I'm sure will make your experience on the internet easier and a lot more fun.

Help Just 4 "U"

~A Tip From Ron~

You will Never Regret This

Whether your interest lays in good e-mail,Graphics on your mail page or building a home page. I recommend you first learn to "Cut-Copy-Paste" you will find this tool makes everything much easier.

"Learn" Cut,Copy,Paste


HyperText Markup Language

This is what makes it all happen. Not having any knowledge on this subject I found my self some what apprehensive to start a home page. The following tutorials should be a great help. Like any thing else how we start has a lot to do with how easy we get there.

Start Your "Home" Page


How 2 Do It

The following site has "Things I've learned along the Way" which I hope help you as much as they have helped me.

The "Help" Shack


Meet two I can't thank enough

With out there help I would never have started this Home page. There sites are loaded with help for the newbie and advanced alike. I'm sure you will visit here often.




Many Now Free ~ May Soon Not Be

I'm sure most of us would find a web page with out "Graphics" some what dull. We are very fortunate to have such a vast number of sites that offer graphics for our use. But there is a "problem" which you and I can play a big part in correcting. For a good understanding of the proper use of peoples graphics please visit the following site. "Don't" be one of those that never has time to do it right but always has time to do it over.

Bandwidth "Theft"

~More Than Text~

Dress up "YOUR" home page

Now have a great time with your "HOME"page. The following site is dedicated to helping you "Do It Your Way". Using Gifs,Midis,Audio and all the other great Things you will need.


~News Groups~

Super Help From Super People

Some time spent here will be of great help even if you never post a question. You will always find something new through the answers to other peoples post for help. Your sure to find a subject you like.

News Group "Index"


Native American Graphics

      Thanks to the generosity of this great artist you and I have the pleasure of using some of his great work. Most of the graphics on this page are his work. Graphics are only one of his many talents as you will find when you visit his site.

Our Country and Our Children

~Rest Area~

Stop And Have Some Fun

      With WebTV adults and children alike can always find something to do. We all need a touch of fun and laughter from time to time. So how about a different way to test our skills or just have a laugh.


Rons Fun Place


Never Did I Dream

I have never applied for an award, yet thanks to some very kind people I have received some. Your visit would be appreciated.

Ron's Awards

This site built 100% with a Classic.

~I hope this page has been helpful~


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