~The Early American West~

This subject always intrigued me.

Just the words Early American West bring first and foremost to my mind the native american indian. A study of these great people brings to mind the saying.

"History Will Repeat It's Self"

I have never read or heard of an american indian that didn't fully understand what the earth held for mankind. With this in mind conservation for them was a way of life.

"Waste Not Need Not"

I hope as a nation we heed the wake up call. The leaders of this nation must take a common sense approach in efforts to save this great land and all of it's natural resources.

~The American Indian~

We must never forget this land originally belonged to them.

I hope the links that follow enable you to gain insight into the lives of the American Indians. They where and still are a great and proud people. The wrongs done to these great people should never be forgotten. Even to this day they are taken advantage of in many ways.

Forgotten & Neglected Histories

American Indian Resources

First Nations Site Index

Lakota Wowapi Oti Kin

The Mississippians

American Indian National Museum

N. A. Ten Commandments

Prayer To Spirit

Native American Writings


~Arts And Crafts~

To this day arts and crafts play a large part in american indian culture. Through many different art forms they have recorded a great amount of there history. The american indian is a master of arts and crafts. I beleive even today the great talents of the american indian are not truly understood or fully appreciated. I hope the following links give you a greater insight of there talents in this area.

Native American Tech. And Art

American Indian Crafts

American Indian Art Exhibit

Native American Computer Art

The Silver Turtle


~The Wild West~

As the lands of the American Indians where discovered by our forefathers things began to change. The changes involved the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY. The following links will give you insight on many of these changes and some of the people involved.

The American West

Custer Battlefield Historical

Wild West's Favorite Links

Old West Index Page

Gunfighters Of The Wild West

Truth Or Myth

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