~The Early American West~

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        The American West was made up of 22 Western States. All of which are west of the Mississippi river. Many are the People and Technologies that played a part in settleing this great land. As I surf the web on this subject I will add links I hope you will enjoy as much as I do. If you have suggestions of other sites that would work well here please let me know.

Notable Native American Women

Notable Pioneer & Emigrant Women

Heroic Women

Women Of The Night

Calamity Jane

Mary Katherine Haroney



~Traveling In The Early West~

Inland Navigation

Legacy Of The Horse

Stage Coaches,Wagons,Carriages

First Locomotives In America

History Of Railroads & Maps

Union Pacific Railroad

The Mouth Of The Mississippi

Death on the Dark River

Mark Twain At Large

~Journeys To The Unkown~

The American Indian was forced to move time after time. While others journeyed west of there own choice. Travel for eather in most cases was never easy and many lives were lost.

Trail Of Tears

The Donner Party 1

The Donner Party 2

The Oregon Trail

Mountain Men & The Fur Trade

California And The Gold

The Pony Express

Sunbonnet Days

The Buffalo

Buffalo Bills Wild West

The love of a child

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